Unisex Safety Razor (5 Blades Included)

Teal Safety Razor with FREE GIFT of 5 safety blades. Safety razors are infinitely reusable - you will never need to buy another one.

  • Plastic-free.
  • Reusable.
  • Zero-waste.
  • Includes a magnetic gift box and natural jute travel bag.
  • Includes a free GIFT of 5 safety blades so you can use right away. Replacements can be purchased online for under $0.10 each, if purchased in bulk.
  • Compatible with any double-edged safety razor blades.
  • Chrome plated weighted handle - long and textured for easy grip. Perfect for beginners.

Earth-friendly alternative to: disposable razors 

Why make the switch? 

"In 1990, a study showed that over 2 billion plastic razors and blades were thrown away in the US alone. These figures are no longer accurately tracked, but experts believe that today this number is A LOT higher. What’s more, this study only looked at the impact of disposable razors in one country.

But why does this matter? Who cares about trash anyway? Well… it’s estimated that a plastic razor will take approximately 1,000 years to decompose. Once it’s decomposed, that doesn’t mean it’s gone. Oh no…. It’s simply broken down into tiny pieces of plastic, commonly referred to as micro-plastics. These microscopic plastic particles are gobbled up by fish and other animals and eventually enter our food chains." via Jungle Culture

How to Use

  1. Place your thumb on one side of the razor head and your index finger on the other side, twist and unscrew. 
  2. Carefully separate the razor head and place a double edged razor blade in between the two pieces that make up the head of your razor.
  3. Re-screw the razor head and the razor base back together. Make sure that the ridges on the razor head are facing upwards (Common mistake). 
  4. Before shaving, soak your razor in hot water and douse your skin with hot water, or heat your skin with a hot towel. 
  5. Apply shaving soap (preferably plastic-free) to the area that you would like to shave.
  6. At roughly a 45 degree angle, move your razor in straight lines across your skin, making sure to only shave in straight lines, not diagonally. 
  7. Pull your skin taut whilst shaving for the closest possible shave. 
  8. Rinse your razor throughout and apply more shaving cream if necessary. Once you are finished, store your razor somewhere dry. Preferably using a razor stand.

How to Recycle Safety Blades 

  1. Twist open your safety razor by placing your thumb and index finger either side of your razor head and turning. If your razor is screwed on too tightly, you may have to use a towel for extra grip.
  2. Remove the razor blade and wash clean.
  3. Use a piece of tissue and wipe your blade until there is no residue of soap or hair.
  4. Store your razor blade in a container and bulk recycle, or place the blade directly into the recycling bin.
  5. Congratulations, the world is a little bit less wasteful!

Meet the Maker

Jungle Culture is a small business based in London, United Kingdom. They work with family-run farms and craft workshops in Vietnam to provide high-quality, beautiful handmade products that reduce the consumption of single-use plastics and support development in rural, low-income areas.

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