Melanin 5-pk Bamboo Toothbrushes

5% of profits are donated to The Innocence Project, working to free the staggering number of innocent people who remain incarcerated, and bring reform to the system responsible for their unjust imprisonment.

"We are all human beings with different amounts of melanin, or pigment, and it's a trait that connects us all. We choose to celebrate different skin tones in order to support the idea that we are one and stronger together for it."

Your purchase supports The Innocence Project, 1% For the Planet, and One Tree Planted. That's a lot of good coming from one toothbrush!

  • 5 pack. 5 individual toothbrushes in one box. Not individually wrapped. 
  • Adult toothbrush: 7.5 inches long.
  • Handcrafted bamboo handle is biodegradable and compostable.
  • Soft nylon bristles are vegan and recyclable - flexible and fortified for better cleaning.
  • non-toxic paint, helps prevent water pooling during brushing.
  • Lasts as long as plastic toothbrushes, 2-3 months with proper care.  

Earth-friendly alternative to: plastic toothbrushes. 

Why make the switch? 

Did you know that every single plastic toothbrush ever made is still around? And they will be for another 900 - 1,000 years. When they finally do degrade, it will just be into smaller micro plastics, which are dangerous both to us and to wildlife. 

Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that is able to regenerate, making it a great sustainable alternative. It requires no pesticides, and doesn't need a lot of water. It's also a carbon offsetter - absorbing 5 times the carbon dioxide and producing 35% more oxygen than it needs. It really is a super-plant!

Care instructions

Rinse your toothbrush after using, and let dry. 

Meet the Maker

MamaP is a woman and minority owned company with a heart-centered mission -- to help the environment and to help others. Each of their toothbrushes supports a different non-profit, and they are also proud supporters of 1% For The Planet. 

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