About Us



Hi there! I'm Jessica, owner and founder of Salt + Sirena! Motivated by my love of fashion and a desire to connect with something I was truly passionate about, I started my little shop after six years of navigating my way through a demanding, male-dominated profession. Despite being successful in my former career, something was missing. I came to realize that I craved the connection of sisterhood, and felt disengaged from my true spirit. I decided to make a change and create a platform where women could find support and encourage each other. Believing that fashion can make you feel both beautiful and empowered, I got to work, and little by little, Salt + Sirena became a reality.

I'm so incredibly proud of the amazing, uplifting community we've since created, and hope you can join us!


In choosing a name for my shop, I was inspired by a quote by Anaïs Nin: "I must be a mermaid. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living." I love this representation of a strong, ambitious woman who strives for a meaningful life. She is the woman whom I have embraced becoming on this new journey, and her spirit resonates in the pieces I choose for our collections.

'Salt' is a reference to the freedom of salty, ocean hair. 'Sirena' is the Spanish word for mermaid, and as I was raised in a bilingual family, expressing my heritage and culture remains an important part of my life.


Starting January 1, 2016, a percentage of our proceeds will be donated to organizations that provide scholarships for women, in increments of $500.

I feel strongly about the role that education plays in opportunity and success, and hate to think of how many women are barred from higher education because of prohibitive costs. When I was 17, I was awarded a much-needed full academic scholarship to an amazing university, and that scholarship changed my life. I'm now in a position where I am able to give back, and my hope is that our $500 scholarships can at least be reminders to these young women that there's someone out there who wants them to succeed. 


I care deeply about women supporting each other, and work hard to encourage self-love and positive energy in everything I do. Each piece is handpicked for its quality and aesthetic, so that the clothes you wear on the outside can bring out the strength and beauty within. Together, we can love ourselves boldly and project good vibes out into the world! I hope you join me, and let the Sirena in you swim free.

Thank you to my customers, friends, and family for your love and support!

xo, Jess