44 Ways You Can Help Earth (For Free!)

October 23, 2019

44 Ways You Can Help Earth (For Free!)

Forty-four small, no-cost changes we can all implement for a more eco-friendly life. (And, bonus - most of these will end up saving you money! It's a WIN-WIN.)

1. This is a big one - finish what you buy! Use 100% of your hygiene and beauty products, such as: toothpaste, deodorant, moisturizer, chapstick, and shampoo. 

2. Turn off the lights when you leave a room.

3. Eat less processed food.

4. Eat less meat.

5. Stop buying bottled water. 

6. Recycle.

7. Borrow, don't buy.

8. Shorten showers.

9. Use cold (or warm) water for laundry.

10. Say NO to plastic straws.

11. Turn off your computer at night.

12. Adopt, don't shop, your pet.

13. Use old kitchen towels as napkins, instead of paper towels.

14. Always bring your reusable bags to the grocery store.

15. Always bring your own cup to get coffee.

16. Opt out of junk mail.

17. Value and take care of the clothes you already own.

18. Keep air-cleaning plants in your home.

19. Use both sides of the paper.

20. Shop bulk. Cook at home more.

21. Ask your workplace to make eco-friendly changes.

22. Do a clothing swap with your friends.

23. Use a french press to make your own coffee.

24. Use energy efficient light bulbs in your home.

25. Turn off the tap.

26. Walk, instead of drive, whenever possible.

27. Use the air-dry setting on your dishwasher.

28. Don't buy new books - opt for used, electronic, or borrow from your local library. 

29. Go paperless. Pay your bills online.

30. Always run a full dishwasher and washing machine.

31. Meal plan before going grocery shopping to reduce food waste. Also, save and eat your leftovers!

32. Don't idle your car for long periods of time. 

33. Buy second-hand, whenever possible.

34. Unplug items and appliances when they are not in use.

35. Donate unwanted clothing and home goods, instead of throwing away. Or have a yard sale!

36. Volunteer to plant trees. Onetreeplanted.org has "Plant a Tree" days you can sign up for!

37. Reuse as much as possible, before recycling.

38. Use recycled paper products, including toilet paper. 

39. Pick up your own trash in public spaces. 

40. Fix what's broken, mend your clothes. 

41. Drink loose-leaf tea (less packaging).

42. Hang dry your clothes every once in a while, instead of running the dryer.

43. Use old, torn tees as cleaning cloths. They are great for wiping windows and mirrors.

44. Share these tips with your friends!

This list is not comprehensive or exhaustive. Please share the knowledge wealth and comment any further suggestions below! Thank you, friends!

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Rachel Navarrete
Rachel Navarrete

November 30, 2019

Save envelopes and letters you get in mail to use other side for scratch paper.

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