Why You Should Switch to Sustainable Dental Products

May 16, 2021

Why You Should Switch to Sustainable Dental Products

Every single plastic toothbrush ever made is still on Earth and will be for another 900-1,000 years. Ughhh! The first time I read that sentence, it made me cringe. I had never really thought about it before, but it is painfully true that toothbrushes are just another example of a product that is made out of plastic when it doesn't need to be. Bamboo is such an amazing alternative!

Bamboo is fast-growing, rengenerative, and compostable. It doesn't require pesticides or a lot of water to grow, and produces 35% more oxygen than it needs. It really is a super plant, and I highly recommend both bamboo toothbrushes and bamboo floss!

Bamboo Toothbrush Sustainable Ecofriendly

Bamboo Toothbrushes - Why should you make the switch? 

The handle is compostable and the bristles are recyclable, making this a zero-waste option if you're able to put the handle in your compost or green bin, and the bristles in a plastic container that you recycle. They last as long as conventional toothbrushes, and the non-toxic paint helps prevent pooling.

Lots of colors/options available in the shop, $5-$7: shop here.

Bamboo Floss in a Refillable Glass Case - Why should you make the switch?

This is a vegan, zero-waste alternative to nylon floss that comes in a plastic container. The bamboo is sturdy, won't break easy (I can personally vouch for this!), and biodegrades naturally in 60-90 days. Conventional floss, on the other hand, takes 50-80 YEARS to break down into microplastics. 

Available in glass case or in a cardboard box (refills), $7-10: shop here.

If you buy both in May, get the bundle! A toothbrush and floss with refillable case for $12

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