The November Roundup

November 19, 2020

The November Roundup

A few helpful resources/tips for making better choices for our health, homes, and planet. 

Health: Avoid 'Fragrance' as an ingredient

Read the label, skip the fragrance. 

"Fragrance" is used by companies as a way to hide over 3,000 synthetic ingredients they don't want us to know are in their product. They do this by claiming the fragrance is a "trade secret". But of those 3,000+ ingredients/chemicals allowed under the name "fragrance", 5% are rated as being high hazards and 17% are rated as moderate hazards. No, thank you! I want to know exactly what I'm putting on my skin and in the air around me. Take care of your health, and skip any products that refuse to tell you exactly what's in it. 

Home: Online Fashion Consignment and Thrift

The best thing you can do for the enviornment when it comes to clothing, is to take care of the items you already own. Hem, mend, air-dry - whatever you need to do to prolong its life and keep it looking great! The second best thing for the environment is to buy used. And luckily for us, there are so many great thrift stores online. A few of my favorites are Poshmark, ThredUp, and Patagonia Worn Wear. Consider shopping used the next time you need a "new" coat or pair of shoes.  

Planet: Follow Climate Activists on Instagram

1. @xiyebeara

Xiye Bastida is co-founder of Re Earth Initiative and recently released a Ted Talk on what led her to become a leading climate activist. "There is no climate justice without social justice."

2. @autumn.peltier

Autumn Peltier is a water protector and Chief Water Commissioner for the Anishinabek Nation. 

3. @nageeartis

Zanagee Artis is co-founder of This is Zero Hour, an intersectional movement of youth activists fighting for a livable planet. 

4. @alexandriav2005

 Alexandria Villasenor is the founder of Earth Uprising International, a climate education resource.  

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