June 03, 2019


We're rebranding! Salt + Sirena is going eco-friendly with slow fashion and handmade, sustainable goods.

PART THREE - Purchasing with purpose.

When you buy sustainable, handmade goods from Salt + Sirena, you're supporting not just one, but a minimum of two small businesses. Your're supporting not corporations, but actual families/partners/friends who are passionate about their products.

You're also making the choice to support

- sustainability

- reduced waste

- ethically made, fair trade, and earth-friendly alternatives

over similar items that are mass-produced and, therefore, cheaper. And for this, I am truly grateful. I wholeheartedly acknowledge that transitioning into an earth-friendly home is expensive, and more than a little inconvenient, but I promise it gets easier. One person making a big change might not do much, but millions of people making small changes WILL.

And I want so badly to get as many people on board with eco-friendly alternatives, that I'm keeping costs as minimal as possible - just enough to break-even and keep the shop running. Any profits will be used to hire women to help me produce fun, informative content, to sponsor fundraising events for conservation and clean-up efforts, and to continue stocking the shop with awesome products from even more small businesses.  

Here's a small preview of what's coming to the shop in the next few weeks:


None Sponges: Handmade from organic cotton and bamboo. Biodegradable, machine washable + reusable, plastic-free alternative to disposable dish sponges. Naturally antibacterial and super absorbent. No more micro plastics going down your drain and into our oceans.

Veganwax + Beeswax DIY Wrap Kits: Sustainable and compostable alternative to kitchen plastic wrap. Perfect to wrap up cheese, fruits, vegetables, bread, and more. Reusable for up to a year, and only takes 5 minutes to make or re-coat.

Spanish Cedar Soap Savers: Promotes the use of plastic-free bars of soap by allowing them to dry faster, and therefore, extending their life. Natural oils in cedar make it naturally water resistant and antimicrobial.

Handmade Straw Bags: 100% handwoven from natural palm leaves. Sustainable and ethically made by a small co-op of women artisans in the valley of Taza, Morocco. 

I'm passionate about making these products accessible, and as always, am extremely appreciative when you choose to support me in whatever ways you can - by reading this blog post, by following my business on social media, by sending me kind words of love and encouragement, by spending your hard-earned money with me and my vendors. I see you, and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you! 

With love,


p.s. I welcome all comments, concerns, suggestions for new products, etc. Send me a message, and let's chat! 

Photo credit, from left to right: SOCCO, Tabitha Eve, Howell's, and ScentCerae. 

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