May 07, 2019

Learn Shop Grow with Salt and Sirena 

We're rebranding! Salt + Sirena is going eco-friendly this Fall with slow fashion and handmade, sustainable goods. 

PART ONE: Hi friends. Jess here! Just wanted to share a little bit about why I decided to pivot directions and re-brand my shop:

If I'm being honest, taking a break from the shop last year was completely freeing. My mind was feeling so heavy those days. It was full of to-do lists, wish-I-had-time-to-do lists, and a lot of self inflicted pressure. Stepping away for those 9 months was the best thing I possibly could have done for my self-care, but the downside is that I was enjoying it so much that I seriously considered closing down. I couldn't figure out how to continue without losing how light I felt.

And then, one afternoon - BOOM. Clarity. I would keep all the things about the shop that I love - community, friendships, supporting women - and change the things that weren't making me happy. Sounds simple, but it took a lot of soul searching.

Going forward, this will truly be a passion project.


  • LEARN about eco-friendly alternatives, and small adjustments we can all make for a cleaner planet.
  • SHOP sustainable goods, slow fashion, and handmade jewelry from 100% small business vendors.
  • GROW together. I'm showing up for my community through service, awareness, and solidarity events, and invite you to do the same!

Spending these last couple of weeks researching, reaching out to small business owners, and testing products has been so fun! This is exactly how I want to feel while I'm working on the shop, and I am so excited about the amazing, sustainable, eco-friendly products that I get to share with you guys! I'll keep posting updates as things start coming in. Thank you for following along on this journey with me.

With love, always,


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