Your Jubilee

August 03, 2015

Your Jubilee

Salt + Sirena's I RUN THIS Series features women entrepreneurs, influencers, and small business owners doing what they love, and excelling at it. I hope to not only spread the word about what these amazing women do, but to inspire you to take the leap and follow your own bliss!

Our inaugural I RUN THIS feature is on Ashley and Meagan, owners of Arizona wedding and event planning company, Your Jubilee

(Photo by Let Me See You Sparkle Photography)

They specialize in event planning and coordination, and their vibrant, joyful nature is so contagious and uplifting! Ashley and Meagan also provide great resources through their lifestyle blog, which is regularly updated with wedding tips and ideas. I've provided a link to their website below, as well as a fun interview with these wonderful ladies about their business! 

1. Tell us a little bit about yourselves and how Your Jubilee got its start.

We have a combined 10+ years of event experience. Meghan comes from the fashion world, and found her love of events through fashion show planning and community events. Ashley comes from the non-profit world, and has always loved creating events that are meaningful and that touch people's lives. We created Your Jubilee about 2 years ago because we both love love and making things pretty! Nothing is more special then fluffing the bride's dress right before she walks down the aisle with her dad, watching this interaction between father and daughter before he gives her away, or seeing the mother of the bride let loose and have some fun because the day has been stress-free! When a family member tells us how much fun they had and how perfect the day was, we know we did our jobs right.

2. What do you feel is the most rewarding thing about being a small business owner?

Like we said above, we love watching the families and bridal party actual enjoy their loved one's wedding day. We hate hearing the wedding horror stories of how the Mother of the Bride or the Maid of Honor was stuck doing arrangements or setting DIY projects, when they should be sipping champagne and making special memories with the bride or groom. Ashley is known for crying at least twice during each wedding because she loves to see the love between the bride and groom and their families. That setting, amongst the gorgeous wedding we have helped coordinate and design, can be a beautifully emotional moment! 

3. What is your favorite event that you have planned, and why?

In the Spring, we planned and designed a wedding at a beautiful private residence that held the ceremony and reception in the same space. This meant we had to get creative and flip the space from ceremony to reception in 45 minutes. The couple also opted out of a traditional cake and wanted donuts instead. We were able to create delicious donut towers for display and then had individualized donuts packs delivered later in the night for each guest! They were so excited and surprised by the warm and yummy late night snack!

4. I love your motto "Life should be celebrated." It's such a beautiful sentiment! What does it mean to you personally?

OMG, good question! We believe that every moment in life is worth a celebration! Life is short, so why not pop the bubbly, or bust out the fine china to celebrate things big and small. Got a promotion at work? Celebrate! Wedding anniversaries... CELEBRATE! (#duh) Or even grab some candles and a blanket and celebrate a beautiful Arizona sunset!  We think all little moments in life should be celebrated and shared with the ones you love, and that is why even though we are known for our weddings, we can help you create or coordinate any type or size of celebration! We strongly believe that celebrating the little and big things help make joy a foundation and everyday occurrence in one's life. 

5. And lastly, what do you ladies like to do for fun?

We both LOVE spin class!!! We go to what is called a "Party on a Bike" and it is just that! Imagine loud music, light show on the ceiling, and sometimes confetti poppers! It is our kind of party!

(Photo by Let Me See You Sparkle Photography)

Thanks, ladies! I admire your hard work and all the joy you spread through your company! 

Make sure you check out their website and blog, including the post they did featuring our shop (here)!

Instagram: @yourjubilee, Facebook: Your Jubilee 

Thanks for reading! xoxo, Jess 

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