Powder to Clay Mask - Lemongrass (Detox)

Lemongrass Mud Detox in glass jar, 1.5 oz (44 ml).

  • Hand-crafted, made in small batches.
  • All-natural. 
  • No palm oil.
  • No hexane.
  • No dyes or mica. 
  • No parabens.
  • No synthetic fragrance or additives like phthalates.

This versatile product can be used as a mud mask, a daily face wash, underarm detox, or all over body mask. Simply mix desired amount of clay with liquid, and smooth onto your skin. Hydrosol is recommended, but you can also use water, tea, honey or yogurt to mix this up.


Multani Mitti clay, Bentonite clay, Kaolin clay, Rhassoul clay, French yellow clay, French green clay, Lemongrass essential oil (GC/MS tested).

How to Use

Daily use: mix clay and hydrosol/water and use just like you would a regular cleanser. Massage into dry skin and wash thoroughly. 

Underarm wash: mix desired amount and apply to dry armpits at least five minuets before entering the shower. Wash under your arms with one of our charcoal bars last. Depending on your need you should do this once a week to daily.

Mask: mix desired amount and smooth thin layer on face. We recommend allowing the clay to dry completely, but some people may be more sensitive than others and will want to rinse off after a few minutes.

Body wrap: in the tub rub this all over your body and follow directions for mask.

Tub: add a few teaspoons to your bath for a relaxing, detox soak.

Meet the Maker

District Batch is an all-natural skincare company based in Washington D.C.  Founder, Marisa Martino, offers a line of luxurious, safe and effective formulas that smell great, are environmentally conscious, and are housed in glass in an effort to reduce plastic consumption. Her products are carefully and mindfully crafted, and, best of all, they work.

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