Lava Pumice Stone (RESTOCKED)

Natural lava pumice stone. 

Lava stones are both porous and abrasive, making them perfect for scrubbing rough skin on feet, heels, and elbows.

Each pumice stone is unique with a slightly different size, shape, and color. 

  • Zero Waste.
  • Natural lava pumice stone with cotton hanging loop. 
  • Multipurpose: Can be used to remove hair or pills from fabric (gently), and even clean stubborn water rings in your toilet.
  • Place in a dry spot when not in use.

Earth-friendly alternative to: self-care products that are either made of plastic, or packaged in plastic.

Why make the switch? 

We should be opting for zero-waste whenever possible. These pumice stones are natural and they work great for a perfect pedicure!

How to Use: Soak feet in the shower or bath for a few minutes until the skin is soft. Wet stone and scrub rough areas for a few minutes with light pressure. If you're working on your feet, focus on heels, sides of your toes, and other areas where dry skin tends to build up. Moisturize after use.

Meet the Maker

Me.Mother Earth is a husband and wife team from Las Vegas, NV. "We are not experts at plastic-free & sustainable living and face the same challenges that everyone else does, but we are SO incredibly passionate about our Mother Earth, learning more, and educating those around us. We live the lifestyle as best we can and we are learning everyday. We donate to ocean conservation and other environmental organizations too- Let's make some real change together!"

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