Kingstoyou Beauty: My Top 10 Make-up Tips

August 31, 2015

We are so excited to welcome guest blogger and freelance make-up artist, Yvonne from Kingstoyou Beauty, to share her top 10 make-up tips. I believe that feeling good about yourself when you're out and about can contribute to your happiness, and if a little bit of make-up helps you feel more confident, I'm all for it! Hope you enjoy!

Hi everyone! My name is Yvonne and I am a self-proclaimed make-up junkie! I am fascinated by what make-up can do, and am always working to better my techniques to help my clients feel beautiful. I've put together a list of my top 10 make-up tips for framing your face and bringing out your best features. These are tips that I share with my friends and family, and that I feel make the biggest impact. They start out pretty basic, and progress to more advanced tips. Happy reading! And as I always say, "Be-YOU-tiful", use the tips that work best for you and your lifestyle!

(Make-up by Kingstoyou Beauty. Photo by Corey Villicana Photography.)
  1. When I'm short on time, I follow Jeremy Renner's advice (yes, the Avengers actor used to be a make-up artist!) “Brows, Lashes, Lips. Frame the face. It’s simple, it’s five minutes.” This is solid advice! Brows should always be darkest on the outside, and fade as you go in. Applying mascara to your lashes will open up your eyes - a must have! 
  2. Always, always, always moisturize before applying any type of make-up. It's not only good for your skin, but it helps the make-up blend easier! (A tip for brides: steer clear of foundations or moisturizers with a high SPF, as this will create a white cast in flash photography.) 
  3. For longevity, make sure to prime both your eyes and face before applying foundation. Always set cream products with a powder!
  4. Brush a neutral or skin-tone color on your eye crease before applying the main shadows. This will create an ombre effect, and will allow your shadows to blend easier. 
  5. Shimmer eye-shadows and make-up will bring attention to fine lines and wrinkles, so use at your discretion. I recommend mattes and cream blush to create a more youthful look. 
  6. Apply concealer from under your inner eye, all the way down to your nose, and then back to the outside of your eye, in a triangle shape. Also apply a cross in the middle of your forehead, the center of your nose and chin. Blend in for a fresh, highlighted look. Make sure to use concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone. 
  7. I recommend baking. Use a brightening powder that is a few shades lighter than your skin tone, and apply a generous amount to all the areas listed above for the concealer. Leave the powder on for five minutes, and then brush it off. The powder will have sunk into your skin naturally, and create a highlighted effect. 
  8. Tightline, or apply eyeliner to the upper waterline of your eye, to thicken the look of your lashes.
  9. Apply highlighter to areas you want to bring attention to and bring forward - the tops of your cheekbones, under the brow bones, the inner corner of your eyes, and the tip and bridge of your nose.
  10. Apply a contouring bronzer to anything you want to bring back. I like to outline the forehead, and apply it from the top of the ear down to the line near the rim of the mouth. To make a nose appear slimmer, create parallel lines close to the center of the nose and blend outward. 

Feel free to leave any questions in the comments, or you can contact me through Facebook or Instagram, @kingstoyoubeauty. Thank you! And remember: brows, lashes, lips! xx

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